Checkpoint #1: Preflight Information:

Student pilot can successfully navigate the library website and search the library's online catalog (Destiny).
a. Complete the Herricks Virtual Library Scavenger Hunt.

b. Using your library's online catalog, please complete the following Destiny Scavenger Hunt worksheet.

Checkpoint #2: Ground Training

Student pilot can locate and access reference materials, and is able to do basic internet research.

a. Review the different uses of library reference materials by watching the presentation above.
b. Then take this easy Reference Material Quiz

Checkpoint #3: Simulator Training

Student pilot can safely navigate the Internet and evaluate websites.

Searingtown Students: Go back Virtual Library Media Center
  1. Listen to the VoiceThread about Online Safety
  2. Take the Online Safety Quiz AND the Safe Surf Quiz on that page
  3. Print out the PLEDGE on the bottom of of Library Website page, read it, sign it, and put it in your folder.

Extra time? Take the Internet Quiz below.

Checkpoint #4: Flying with an Instructor Pilot

Student pilot can take accurate and complete notes, create proper citations for the sources used, and recognize and avoid plagiarism.

a. Complete the Apollo note-taking worksheet.
b. Watch the video segment called Space Shuttle Citing from Discovery Education.
c. Complete the Name Your Sources worksheet.

d. Read When Marion Copied, by Brook Berg.

Checkpoint #5: Check Ride

Student pilot knows and can follow the steps in the Big6 research process.

Print out a copy of the in order to complete the activity outlined in the slideshow below.